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Naked and CrazyNAKED AND CRAZY: True Stories by Meghan Gambling & Sascha Alexander
(2011 – 2013)

Naked and Crazy is a double bill of solo shows that ran during August 2013 at Loft Ensemble’s Downtown Solofest. Previous performances include the 2012 run at The White Box Theater during the New York International Fringe Festival,  three dates in June 2012 at the Atwater Village Theater, and eight shows in August/September 2011 at the Elephant Lab Theatre.

* My section of N&C is based on my blog of short essays about  my memorable  youth in rural North Carolina. From first kisses, to losing my virginity to a bike, to my insatiable desire to instill fear in others, Naked and Crazy takes the viewer on a TMI ride of the joys of growing up gambling in a small southern town on the brink of the cell phone age, my very own Wonder Years. And what a joy to work with the fantastic Sascha Alexander who has changed my world, Elissa Weinzimmer and Christina Covarrubias.

Meghan performing The Virginity Song
Visit the Naked and Crazy Website


Prom Time OutProm: Time Out (2011- 2013)

Prom: Time Out was recently published with Original Works. The play was commissioned by Moving Arts Theater Company to be part of The Car Plays at the Radar LA Festival during the summer of 2011, and again in January 2012 at Segestorm Center for the Arts in the OC, and in 2013 at the La Jolla Playhouse.  The Car Plays are amazing because they literally take place in a car that’s located in a row of other cars, each with two “passenger” audience members watching a different play unfold in the front seat. Passengers rotate from car to car so the actors perform the same short play upwards of thirty times in a night. Very impressive. Prom: Time Out is a clandestine tutorial between two high school best friends set in Encino, CA in 1989, and wonderfully brought to life by Sarah Greyson and Katie Malia, and originally directed by Jenifer Yeurokis.

* In the summer of 2011 I directed the short film version of the piece with the same actors; produced by Jeanne Petrone and Zack Kasten, and filmed and edited by Jason Carmody.

Prom: Time Out on IMDB
The Car Plays at the Off Center Festival
Read an excerpt from Prom: Time Out


Cheesecake CasseroleCheesecake Casserole (2012)

Cheesecake Casserole was adapted from the play, The Kitchen Sink and filmed in Pasadena in 2010. In 2012 it was produced by Axis Pacific Filmworks, distributed by Studio Direct, and is available to 50 million households via Netflix, Itunes, Amazon and on Demand.

* This was the first piece of work I ever sold and got to see move completely to fruition. Within three years it was rewritten, financed, cast, shot and released. It was out of my hands from the moment I signed on the dotted line, but it was very fascinating to see another person’s interpretation of my work.  Details about the piece it’s based on are below.

Cheesecake Casserole on IMDB
Interesting article about the funding process for Cheesecake Casserole


Mosaic WonderlandMosaic Wonderland Project (2011)

The MOSAICWONDERLAND Project features a collection of original monologues and scenes inspired by the paintings and ceramic mosaics from the studio’s current exhibition of Kimberly Jordan’s art. Mosaic Wonderland is an ongoing program that explores the relationship between Performing and Visual Arts. The show was produced at Moving Arts’ Theatre’s Hyperion Station space and produced by Jenny Gillett.

*Read the monologue for the show:  Social Grace
*Check out the Artist’s Website


Happy Birthday, MomHappy Birthday, Mom (2010)

Happy Birthday, Mom  was produced by The Racket Theatre Collective, (Feb-March 2010), Hollywood Fringe Festival (July 2o1o), Fringe NYC, (August 2012) at the Cherry Pit Theatre in the West Village. Meghan recently optioned the screen rights to the film to Moonlight Productions. The play is about a middle aged woman who orders a young man off Craigslist for her birthday only to have her children unintentionally crash the party.

*With three productions in one calendar year, this show dominated my life, and I loved every single performance I had the pleasure of watching. What a fantastically talented group of actors: Janice Lynde, Michelle Glavan, JR Davidson, Kristen Rozanski, Jacob Crumbine and Zack Gold.

Read an excerpt from Happy Birthday, Mom


The Machete PartyThe Machete Party (2008)

The Machete Party is three short plays “The Lesson,” “Sunshine Machete,” and “Family Dinner” produced at The Working Stage Theatre. The Lesson originally ran at the Mix Tape One Act Festival, and Sunshine Machete also had a spank show at UCB. The pieces featured Amanda Deibert, Audrey Malone, Katherine Canipe, Sam Rabon, Janice Lynde, Dana Pacheco, Sascha Alexander, Dan Miller, and Fred Young. Sunshine Machete was directed by Mike Hagiwara and co-created with Audrey Malone.

*This was a large group of actors to wrangle, and I couldn’t have done it without my producing partner, Alessandra Rizzotti, who had, just a few months prior, fallen off a cliff and somehow managed to not die. She produced this show in a neckbrace and cast, with the grace and vigor of a ballerina, and the driving capabilities of her mother, Meryl.

Read an excerpt from Sunshine Machete


The Kitchen SinkThe Kitchen Sink (2006)

The Kitchen Sink ran at the Complex in Los Angeles and at the Actor’s Playhouse in the West Village as part of Fringe NYC. It was later adapted into the film Cheesecake Casserole. The Kitchen Sink starred Olivia Henderson, Amanda Deibert, Jenny Morgan and Audrey Malone.

* I will never forget the moment I found out this play had been accepted in NYC. I had no idea the work I was in for, but every moment was worth it, as it is still perhaps my favorite thing I’ve ever written. A fantastic cast, and a producing feat that wouldn’t have been possible without the patience and brilliance of Katie Meyer, Olivia Henderson, and the commitment of Alex Cason.

Read an excerpt from The Kitchen Sink

*Graphic design for Naked and Crazy, Happy Birthday, Mom, and Prom:Time Out by the amazing Jess Frucht.