“…humorous and poignant… the charming Meghan Gambling… has a gift for impersonations, and she also plays a mean guitar and sings well.”
– LA Weekly/Naked and Crazy Listed in “Theatre to See”  in LA  – August 2013

…wonderfully enjoyable by virtue of the smart dialogue of  Meghan Gambling… writes the way real people speak… Gambling the director to bring it to life with brilliantly subtle execution.
– /Happy Birthday Mom

“…won us over the second she picked up the guitar.” /Naked and Crazy

wonderful premise…”
– Backstage East /Happy Birthday Mom

“…The writing is sharp and witty and the dialogue could not have been more natural… It’s alive, organic, and hilarious. Take your friends, lovers, parents, aunts, and uncles to see these new friends in The Kitchen Sink.” /The Kitchen Sink

“…truthful… a spot on creation… Gambling has an ear for male characters.”
LA Weekly /The Kitchen Sink

Meghan Gambling’s play is neither self-consciously edgy nor annoying. It is, indeed, quite enjoyable..engaging…one thing Gambling does magnificently is create a sympathetic lead character…” /Happy Birthday Mom

“… thrilling and hilarious.” and Crazy

“It’s beautiful when you can find truth in even the most absurd situation. With shrewd storytelling and larger-than-life characters, “Happy Birthday, Mom” is not only a hilarious comedy about an incredibly awkward situation, but a very human portrayal of dysfunctional family dynamics.”
– Theatre Unleashed /Happy Birthday Mom

“Gambling shows a gift for humor and her fondness for self deprecation makes her tales appealing… Gambling’s show is streamlined and well timed, holding the audience’s full attention with her engrossing performance.” /Naked and Crazy

“Engaging, emotional and challenging societal norms, this modern drama will certainly get a few blushes out of you and probably more than a strip show.”
– /Happy Birthday Mom

“As an audience member, I was already hooked, and I hadn’t even seen her face… ability to surprise the audience with sudden humor, ingenuity, and charm.” and Crazy

“But Moving Arts lucked out with another period piece.”
– Pop Up News Room, Time Out

“Meghan’s sense of ease and humor… endows her with finesse, a sort of je ne sais quoi that makes you want to hear more.”
NY & Crazy

… bold and courageous.” and Crazy