January 2014Prom: Time Out is published with Original Works Publishing as part of their E tens collection, and is available for purchase and download  on amazon.

December 2013 – Identity Crush premieres their Christmas video – Sacrifice the Child!

December 2013 –  Prom: Time Out has it’s first festival screening at the Berg Studios Film Festival. Sarah Greyson wins Best Actress for her performance in the piece!

November 2013 – Identity Crush plays the LA Comedy Festival and wins Best of Fest: Live Performance!

November 2013 – Identity Crush premieres Mr. Fox starring John Ennis! The video is featured on the front page of Funny or Die for over 24 hours!

October 2013 – Identity Crush premieres their Halloween video! So fun!

October 2013 – Meghan accepted into the Producer’s Guild of America!

October 2013 – Meghan’s short film Prom: Time Out premiere’s at El Cid. The next day the play it’s based on opens in San Diego at the La Jolla Playhouse as part of The Car Plays.

September 2013 – Identity Crush shoots their Halloween video!

August 2013 – Naked and Crazy runs at Downtown Loft Solofest. This was the third summer in a row that Meghan and Sascha have gotten the pleasure of performing their beloved show. Both shows sold out and N&C was listed and reviewed under ‘Theater to See’ in the LA weekly.

July 2013 – Identity Crush makes waves at the first “Twister” show.

July 2013 – Identity Crush performs a 45 minute set at the Comedy Central Stage to a packed house!

June 2013 – Haunted History, a series Meghan is an associate producer on, begins airing on Discovery. Fast N’ Loud, another show Meghan works on, continues to air.

June 2013 – Identity Crush shoots Naughty Naughty video featuring Road Rules reigning queen, Sarah Greyson.

June 2013 – Identity Crush is invited to perform a full set at the coveted Comedy Central Stage.

June 2013 – Identity Crush reaches the top 15 on the reverb Nation LA comedy music charts.

June 2013 – Identity Crush shoots Mr. Fox video featuring Mr. Show’s John Ennis and the formidable Mike Nelson.

June 2013 – Identity Crush takes a much needed break to relax in
Cabo San Lucas

May 2013 – Identity Crush breaks the top 40 of the ReverbNation LA musical comedy charts.

May 2013 – Identity Crush plays the Surprise! comedy show alongside comedy greats like Sofiya Alexandra and Pete Holmes.

May 2013 – One of the shows Meghan is an associate producer on, The Big Brain Theory, begins airing weekly on Discovery.

April 2013 – Meghan takes over as associate producer on Discovery’s hit show, Fast N’ Loud, where she is thrust into the world of vintage cars and happily reunited with her southern roots.

April 2013 – Identity Crush hits the studio to record ‘Naughty Naughty’.

April 2013 – Meghan purchases a new couch. Her second piece of adult furniture.

March  2013 – Meghan officially options the screen rights to Happy Birthday, Mom to Moonlight Productions.

March 2013 – Identity Crush completes their first sketch set for release in 2014 and starring a variety of adorable couples.

February 2013 – Once more, Identity Crush graces the stage of Matty’s Pizza Party, this time with all new birthday songs in celebration of the host, Matty Cardarople.

January 2013 – In 2012, Meghan’s play, Prom: Time Out ran as part of The Car Plays. Bitter Lemons calls The Car Plays one of the top theatrical experiences of 2012!

December 2012 – Identity Crush plays El Cid as part of a holiday music show hosted by Rachel  Bloom.

December 2012 – Identity Crush performs live on  December 7th at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre, as part of
Matty’s Pizza Party!

December 2012 – Identity Crush shoots the Christmas music video ‘Sacrifice the Child’ starring Sofiya Alexandra, Ryan Reyes, and multiple children.

NOVEMBER 2012 – Meghan completes National Writer’s Month — a month long challenge during the November where writer’s attempt to write the first draft of a novel in 30 days. She (i) Did it!! 51,000 words, and they even gave her a certificate. Unfortunately she has to put it aside for other projects but hopes to pick it back up later in 2013! Yeah!

October 2013 – Identity Crush goes to Brian Austin Green’s music studio to record Mr. Fox.